The Life and Achievements of Dick DeVos

Dick DeVos or otherwise known by his full name of Richard Marvin Jr., is a successful businessman and entrepreneur as well as a successful author that is based in Michigan. Dick DeVos is the son of the great founder of Amway, was named the CEO of the company starting from 1992 to the year 2002. Shortly after gaining that position in the business, in 2006, Dick DeVos ran for Michigan Governor but lost to Jennifer Granholm. After he ran for governor, in 2012, his father was named 67th richest person in the United States, with a total net of $5.1. Billion by Forbes Magazine.



Dick DeVos was born on October 21, 1955, and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He completed his education at the Forest Hills Public School. Shortly after finishing his studies, he started becoming more active in the family business, which is the Amway company. Even as a child, he had already been exposed to the operations of the company, thus taking an interest in what his family does for a living. At a young age, he and his brother were assigned to greet guests at the company’s convention, and they also helped with clearing plates and accompanying guests to their tables, which eventually evolved to public speaking that developed his communication skills more and more until he grew up. In college, he finished with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the Northwood University. After he had finished from Northwood, he attended some classes at the Harvard Business School as well as the Wharton School’s Executive Study programs. Through his continuous perseverance, he was given an honorary Doctorates degree from the Grove City College, which was located at Central Michigan University, and Northwood University. He was also given an Alumni Recognition from the Northwood University.


Throughout his career, he has continued to make a name for himself by participating in many foundations with his wife, Betsy Devos, who is the former chairperson fo the Michigan Republican Party, as well as the acting Secretary of Education. He and his wife have donated to many charities and foundations for helping education become better in the United States. He is also the president of the organization that he and his wife put up which is called the Dick and Betsy Devos Family Foundation, which has donated to millions of artistic, religious, civic, educational, community, and free-market economic movements since the year 1990. Some of those movements are The Helen Devos Children’s Hospital, Kids Hope USA, Regional Air Alliance of West Michigan, The Thunderbirds School of Global Management, The Willow Creek Association, The Hugh Michael Beahan Foundation to name a few, which has made them quite popular. They have made a commitment to serving more with these organizations, thus giving them their right to become better as well as continuously help all kinds of people.


OSI Industries Is The Truth

In an era where food security remains scarce, the importance of food preparation remains higher than ever. Due to bacterial illnesses such as Ebola and Listeria, people oftentimes die from eating unsafe food. Fortunately, Americans enjoy the luxury of government agencies such as the USDA. For those unaware, agencies such as the USDA ensure the safety of America’s food. In addition to such security, OSI Industries remains another noteworthy organization in food safety and preparation. For over a century, the company has contributed to providing consumers with safe food. Aside from being a multi-billion-dollar company, the company continues to revitalize an otherwise uncertain industry.

To begin, OSI Industries began in the early 1900s. Moreover, Otto Kolschowsky founded the company. For those unaware, Otto Kolschowsky immigrated to the United States from Germany. During this time, he opened a business that specialized in providing superior quality meats. Due to the success of his business, Otto Kolschowsky expanded his operations to other segments of the Chicago area. Moreover, Kolschowsky expanded into the whole meat industry. By 1955, the success of OSI Industries reached an entirely new level. With that being said, the company joined forces with McDonald’s. Due to their strong partnership, OSI Industries became McDonald’s primary meat supplier. Prior to this point, McDonald’s had hundreds of individual meat suppliers. By the 1970s, the company officially became known as OSI Industries.

To this day, the company continues to make strides in the marketplace. In particular, this includes the company’s acquisition of a Tyson food plant in Chicago. To expound further, the company acquired the food plant for $7.4 million dollars. This remains attributed to the fact that the food plant was facing closure in the area. Furthermore, that area of Chicago remained an economically-depressed area. Aside from its business venture with Tyson, the company also purchased Baho Food. As a result of that acquisition, the company expanded its operations in Europe. Moreover, the company reached a broader audience in the European market. In closing, it remains easy to see why the company continues to hold a special place in the hearts of consumers.

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Vijay Eswaran And Who He’s Benefited Through Philanthropy

Vijay Eswaran entered multilevel marketing and direct selling not long after working as a marketing consultant for several companies, and in 1998 he built the company of his dreams QI Group. But along with being very successful in sales, Eswaran has looked to duplicate that success through philanthropy, and as president of RYTHM Foundation he has done a lot to help Asian communities.

Recent beneficiaries of Eswaran and RYTHM Foundation’s charity include disabled individuals at the Hong Kong Rehabilitation Power center, the Changing Young Lives Foundation and even religious leaders at a monastery in Bhutan where RYTHM donated a fund to preserve the monastery and its artifacts. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran:

Vijay Eswaran was taught in the virtues of generosity and respect by his parents as he grew up in Malaysia. He also studied and still studies to this day the teachings of civil rights leader Mahatma Gandhi and how he taught others to find inner peace in leading the fight for peace in liberation.

Eswaran spent time in Europe studying at the London School of Economics where he got his bachelor’s degree, and then worked in manual labor doing building construction and cab driving. After receiving his master’s degree at Southern Illinois University in the US, he went back to Malaysia and eventually Hong Kong to introduce multilevel marketing to the Asia-Pacific business markets.

Eswaran wanted his multilevel marketing company QI Group to be about helping others go into business for themselves as much as making his own money. Using ecommerce, he started QNet to sell products through independent associates and also allowed them to earn rewards and bonuses for their sales volumes.

Other companies he started under QI Group include QI Lifestyle, Q-Stride, QI Asset Management and Quex Courier. Eswaran is very knowledgeable about world markets and foreign policy, and he’s spoken on Asian business issues at university campuses and the World Economic Forum. Read more: Five Minutes With Dr. Vijay Eswaran, Executive Chairman, QI Group

He’s also won awards that include the 2012 Global Indian Meet conference’s New Global Indian award for business and charity. He also has won the GOPIO’s Global Business Strategies award and has been mentioned in Forbes Asia’s Top 50 Richest list.

Bob Reina Is More Than A CEO

When someone hears the title CEO, they know it brings a certain status and a certain power. However, Bob Reina has never been the kind of person that lets things like that get to his head. It is the exact opposite as a matter of fact. It inspires him to work even harder and to do the right thing by people. Of course, Talk Fusion is an amazing company with video newsletters, video conferences, video chats, and video emails. However, more than all of that, he is a CEO that truly loves people and wants to help them. He always steps up to the plate to help people when the chance is there for him. He never passes that down.


That also applies to animals, which speaks volumes about Bob’s character. He made news for making a record-breaking donation to the Tampa Bay Humane Society. This saved so many animal lives and made a huge difference. When Bob Reina does something, he is always about doing something big. That is the way he likes to do things. He also does not want any credit for what he does. However, more often than that, the news gets wind of it. Bob Reina wants his company to speak for itself and he wants to do good things because it is in his heart.Learn more : (


Right now, as a matter of fact, Bob Reina is offering 30-day free trials of Talk Fusion to new customers that have been anxious to  out Talk Fusion but maybe didn’t have the money for it in the past Now, they have thirty days to try out all of the great things that come with it and see for themselves what it is all about and how it is the real deal. He also applies this same mentality to his employees as well.


He is giving them the chance to give Talk Fusion to a charity of their choosing. This is because Bob Reina knows that the more people that get their hands on Talk Fusion, the better their lives will be and they can make something special out of it in the process.


The Life of Rick Smith and his Career Success at Securus Technologies

Rick Smith is the President and Chief Executive Officer at Securus Technologies. Rick Smith has been an impressive leader in Securus Technologies. Throughout his stay at Securus, he has seen positive results in the servicing of the company. He has guided his team of professionals to improve their customer service and encourages them to reply to all emails as a way to interact with their customers. He believes that Securus Technologies is a strong investment. He helps ensure that the firm releases new services and product development proposals weekly to assist law enforcement and corrections agencies to solve crimes and prevent social problems. Read more on

Career History

Before joining Securus Technologies, Rick Smith has worked with many organizations. He started off his career at Global Crossing North America Inc. in 1972 where he worked in different positions. He later worked as the Chief Financial Officer Eschelon Telecom Inc. between 1998 and 2000 and later became the President and Chief Operations Officer of the same firm in 2000.He joined Securus Technologies Inc. in 200 but was named the President and Chief Executive Officer of the company in May 2014. He has been a member of boards such as Integra Telecom Co Ltd and Eschelon Telecom Inc. He is an excellent leader, and during his time at Eschelon Technologies, the company grew revenue from approximately $30 million to $350 million.

Rick Smith has an outstanding career background, set of skills, impressive track record, and breadth of experience that has greatly impacted Securus Technologies. Rick has a wealth of experience base in Telecom and has held various positions in different disciplines in the Frontier Corporation, including business development, operations, finance, IT among others.

Educational Background

Rick Smith has a broad educational background, especially in the technology field. To begin with, he has a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering from the University State of New York at Buffalo. He also has a state University of New York Master’s Degree in Engineering. He has a Technology Associate Degree from Rochester Institute and an MBA from the University of Rochester.

About Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is a Dallas, Texas company serving over 3450 public safety, law enforcement and corrections agencies. Securus was founded in 1986 with offices located in Carrollton, Allen, Texas, Atlanta, and Georgia. It was established to assist public service agencies,while moving forward in helping other monitoring services for business owners. Securus Technologies are meant at improving communication between about 1,200,000 inmates across North America with their families. Securus Technologies provides real-time support for their customers and ensuring that both parties get access to critical information. Securus Technologies have invested more than $600 million in technologies to help reach all the citizens and correctional facilities in North America.

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An Overview Of Sam Tabar’s Professional Career

Sam Tabar is a successful private investor, who is very keen to invest in startups. He is one of the earliest investors of the Thinx Company. Thinx is an apparel company that makes ladies’ innerwear. The unique feature of the enterprise is that the undergarments are produced to replace the numerous feminine hygiene products used by women during menstruation.

The company uses part of their proceeds to donate sanitary towels to girls and women in the developing countries. Thinx has since revolutionized the feminine hygiene industry and seek to empower women around the globe.

Contributions at Awearable Apparel Firm

According to Bloomberg, Sam Tabar is the current Chief Financial Officer of Awearable apparel firm. He is also the Chief Operating Officer of the full cycle energy company. The firm specializes in production of electric energy from solid waste. Awearable Apparel Company provides children’s clothes with unique safety features.

The clothes contain built-in safety appliances that inform the children’s caregivers about their children’s whereabouts. The appliances continuously send alerts to the parents or caregivers in case a child wanders off. They also help locate lost children without using additional subscription services or a cell phone. Learn more about Sam Tabar:

Contribution at Huffington

Tabar is also a commentary legal and financial writer in Huffington post website. The site benefits from his legal experience and financial strategy skills, especially when dealing with high net worth investors.

He offers practical advice and simplifies sophisticated investment information to the clients. He encourages his clients to diversify their investment portfolio and invest on startup companies.

Educational Background

Sam Tabar is a law graduate from Oxford, and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Columbia University. He is a member of the New York State Bar. He has always had a great passion in the financial sector and Law. After graduating from the law school, he worked in a notable New York firm, the Arps, Kadden, Flom & Slate and Meagher.

From there, he shifted from law operations to provide financial services. Being a specialist in fund management, Tabar brought together institutional investors and introduced them to other fund managers in Asia. While at the prestigious law firm, besides being an attorney, Tabar also served as the hedge liaison for PMA investment.

Chapstick, Who? The Story of how EOS Took Over the Lip Balm Industry

It’s hard not to notice those pastel colored orbs of lip balm near the checkout area of almost every drugstore and major retailer. EOS ( has become the 2nd best-selling lip balm in the United States, right after Burt Bees. Brands that have been around for decades, like Blistex and Chapstick have officially been beaten in sales by The Evolution of Smooth. The company was launched by 2 high profile businessmen by the names of Sanjiv Mehra and Jonathan Teller. A businessman by the name Craig Dubitsky signed on in the beginning as well, but abandoned the product before it was launched.

The founders of EOS saw an opportunity to capitalize on the lip care market. They felt as though lip balm manufacturers were not putting forth the best products. Kline Research stated that consumers are in demand for all-natural, organic products and that is exactly was EOS lip balm had to offer.

Mehra invested in research and discovered that lip balms were typically used by women as part of their beauty routine. He and his partners wanted to create a product geared towards women and a product they enjoyed using every day. With the help of a clay artist, they created the signature sphere shape. They invested in manufacturing equipment and began to create the products for distribution.

Getting the spheres onto store shelves was not easy at first. Many male buyers from retailers stated that consumers would much rather use products they were use to buying, like Chapstick. However, Mehra was lucky enough to meet with a female buyer from Walgreens that saw potential in the product and decided to put them on Walgreens shelves, followed by Walmart and Lucky Vitamin. The rest is history.

Sales for EOS are almost at a million units per week in the US. The company is worth a staggering $250 million with a massive social media following.

End Citizen United is committed to its Mission of Overturning the Supreme Court Decision Concerning the Citizens United

Formed back on March 1, 2015, the End Citizens United is a Powerful Action Committee established by grassroots donors. This committee dedicates a considerable amount of its resources to counter the dreadful effects of Citizens United and to reform campaign finance. It shows elected officers, aspirants, voters, and the media that the grassroots movements are devoted towards neutralizing the efforts of billionaires of buying elections. One of the agendas of End Citizens United is to push for campaign finance reforms and pressure legislators to take action.


Mission of End Citizen United


This committee aims at eliminating corporations and individuals who channel billions of dollars to political parties to tune the stability of political power to their advantage. By backing the election of candidates that support campaign finance reform, End Citizen United believes it would get rid of the America’s rigged political system. Once pro-campaign finance reform candidates are elected, they would play a significant role in putting an end to dark money in politics. The committee has put in place the following strategies to achieve its mission.


  • Ensuring pro-reform aspirants are elected
  • Mobilizing a pool of loyal citizens who are against dark money in politics


Beneficiaries of End Citizen United’s support


The committee will back Democrats who support tangible reform to the campaign finance system. However, these Democrats must prove that they are willing to support the organization’s mission of overturning Citizens United. On its part, the organization will stand up for contenders who are under constant attack by mega-donors, wealthy individuals, corporate special interests.


Why did the End Citizen United choose to support the Democrats?


Democrats have demonstrated their commitment to overturning Citizens United. Therefore, the committee is optimistic that under their leadership, tangible results will be realized. While many independent and Republican voters are aware that dark money has infiltrated politics immensely, the Republican leadership has served as an obstacle in dismantling the rigid political system and overturning the Supreme Court decision, concerning the campaign finance.


Leadership team


Executive Director Tiffany Muller


Tiffany Muller is responsible for overseeing the daily affairs of End Citizens United. She serves in the post of president and managing director. She joined End Citizens United armed with a stellar record of helping grassroots to attain their ambitious goal.


Political Director Judy Murphy


Jody Murphy is a respected leader when it comes to local and state political campaigns. For the past decade, Murphy has been an active supporter of state legislative causes.


Adam Bozzi


Adam Bozzi holds the position of communications director. He brings close to two decades of a political campaign as well as government communications expertise to the End Citizen United.

Hussain Sajwani Timely Investment Puts Dubai On The Map For Foreign Home Ownership

Hussain Sajwani is one of the richest men according to Forbes and for a reason. He is the owner and founder of DAMAC group that deals in food products and real estate. Hussain Sajwain got his breakthrough in 2002 when he founded DAMAC after the government allowed foreigners to own property in Dubai.

The entrepreneur went ahead to buy vast amounts of land in an undeveloped area in Dubai and set up a 38 storied luxury building that sold out within six months before the construction had even begun.

This was the beginning of huge real estate investment career that has since turned the area into a prestigious destination for the nation of Dubai. DAMAC group also has properties in Amman, Abu Dhabi, Beirut, Riyadh, Jeddah, and London. Read more: Hussain Sajwani | Forbes

His interest in the food business has seen him work with the government military and other international bodies to supply the same all over the world. His current net worth is placed at $13.5 billion with DAMAC being his main investment.

His primary touch in real estate is selling luxury houses to foreigners who have paid off big time and projected the company to great heights. He has been able to overcome recessions through smart moves maintaining his business through the hardest of times. Learn more about Hussain Sajwani Family: and

Hussain Sajwani has also conducted business with President Donald Trump before his election developing the Trump International Golf Club designed by Tiger Woods.

The relationship has remained steady with Ivanka and Trump Jnr talking over the interests of the father due to his election as the president of the United States of America.

Trump reiterates that his investment will continue but managed by his predecessors since he is within the constitution. Hussain Sajwain also expressed that he is confident of continued investments with the President at a family level since they are more than business acquaintances.

Hussain Sajwain is also a philanthropist that has his heart set on the children of the world. He is a major partner in a campaign that has been set to raise funds to cloth over 1 million kids that have so far raised 120 million AED. Hussain contributions topped 1 million AED partnering with the Red Crest Humanitarian Group in the Emirates.

InnovaCare Health Employs Leadership To Yields More Results

InnovaCare Health is the most attractive product compared to some of the other standard health products. InnovaCare Health is a product that targets people who seek quality health care, and they do not have money. This is the case for the poor citizens in Puerto Rico, Brazil. This health product meets the need of poor people because of illiteracy and lack of opportunity. InnovaCare Health has collaborated with some of the government’s parastatals to gain accessibility to the people. This product does not compromise on health. One of its primary core value is quality providing health care.

InnovaCare Health looks out for its clients rather than charging them money for health products. Their primary vision is to increase accessibility to quality health care. Most health products serve their customers, but they compromise on customer service and quality. Things are different at InnovaCare Health as they are driven by providing their customers services rather than engaging in business with the customers. They value offering quality services than making money. Read more about Innovacare at

The leadership of the group is the foundation of the firm. The leadership of InnovaCare is competent and achieves desired results. Dr. Richard Shinto is the chief executive officer at InnovaCare Health. He is rich in skill and expertise. He has practiced medicine for over two decades. He has developed different strategies that benefit people in various nations. He has worked under different teams and has gained exposure in the field. He has improved his career gradually and has acquired managerial roles.

Richard has worked in various administrative positions where he has developed different skills while working with different teams. He builds different teams which enable them to achieve the goals that they are assigned. Dr. Shinto has worked under different boards where he has learned new techniques of leading people and giving solutions to various problems. Dr. Shinto is a member of the council at InnovaCare Health which enables him to utilize the skills that he has gained over the years. He received an award on behalf of InnovaCare Health for being the best in providing Medicare to poor people in the world. InnovaCare Health has added Penelope Kokkinides as the chief administrative officer to promote efficiency in the leadership. This has made her highly qualified to lead the administrative team. She has exercised real leadership throughout her career. She is a role model to many people in society.