Sahm Adrangi: Intelligent and Prominent Investment Leader

Sahm Adrangi is an individual who’s extremely proficient in the finance industry. He’s the CIO and founder of Kerridale Capital Management, a company which offers top tier investment resolutions to clients nationwide. The company was founded in 2009 and greatly progressed in a short period of time.

Adrangi lunched the company with only 1 million dollars, but the company is now valued at over $150 million today. Sahm Adrangi is highly intelligent in the finance field and has been in the finance industry since the beginning of his career. He climbed to the top of his career by exposing particular international businesses of fraudulent and dishonorable actions during initial startup. The company stands out for the wide range of services they provide and is one of most eminent firms in reference to financial research.

Kerrisdale Capital has supplied their research services to an expansive range of corporations. There’s no dilemma that Sahm Adrangi has possession of a lot of knowledge in the field of finance, and it has translated very well into the firm that he runs.

One of the focal points of the company is find loopholes and fraudulent activity that other firms partake in, and this has made an enormous contribution to the financial industry.

Acquiring is Bachelor’s of Arts in Economics from Yale University, Sahm Adrangi has raised the helm of development in organizing all of the functions at Kerrisdale Capital Management from 2009 until this day. When he scoped out the fraudulent companies based in China, such as China-Biotics and China Marine Food Group, Sam Adrangi came into the limelight.

He has labored many activist roles to ensure that investments stay viable. Another company that he chipped to make certain that there was an effective capital is Lindsey Corporation. He has additionally been a keynote speaker in various media outlets in consideration of his vital role.


BS and Ph.D. holder in Chemistry, Dr. Scott M. Rocklage has proven to be a man of many accomplishments. Rocklage who is based in the Boston, MA office, has been in diverse and noteworthy leadership positions that came with immense responsibility. In over thirty years, he has gained experience in healthcare management.


Scott Rocklage ran 5 AM Ventures as of 2004 as Managing Partner and moved to Founding Partner recently. He, in 2003, joined the company whose name indicates the early stages that it is in just as 5 AM is considered early. He became a venture associate.


Doctor Rocklage is ever doing something different on each day. He either attends board meetings, works in 5AM Ventures or learns new things on life science. He accredits his great ideas to his interactions with scientists, business-executives or physicians where he helps them shape their ideas into medicine with the potential to solve unmet needs in the area. The present explosive growth that enables one to target genotypes or particular mutations to treat cancer in characteristic ways is a trend that excites him. This is because as a result, lives are extended and saved, and he expresses his hope for future improvements in this field.


Time management, calendaring and prioritization are habits of Rocklage that ensure his productivity. If he were do something different given the option to begin again, Rocklage would focus more on people. This is probably thanks to most of the challenges which he claims have been brought about by people. Following this, he would advise strongly against overlooking the hiring of wrong people because their performance nature does not change due to goals and performance reviews.


Dr. Scott Rocklage urges people not to be scared of taking risks because excellent results are achieved when one is controlling their future via entrepreneurship. He credits the growth of his business to the fact that they stayed true to what they do best and not stretching far from their strengths especially in challenging situations.


“Good to Great” is a read that Rocklage would recommend for insight in business as well as performance.


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The journey of the American Institute of Architects

The American Institute of Architects is an organization for architects based in the United States. It was founded by 13 architects in 1857 with a mission to improve the scientific and practical skills of the members. The headquarters are in Washington DC. Some of the architects who to formed the institution included; Jacob Wrey, Calvert Vaux, Henry Dudley, Richard Upjohn among others.

On February 23rd 1875, the group conducted a meeting and they invited other renown architects. They came up with a constitution that included bylaws by March 10th 1857. At this time, the institution was known as New York Society of Architects but it was later changed to the current American Institute of Architects.

With time, the institution grew and more cities requested to join in seeing the progress it made in architecture. Many chapters had been formed by 1880s for cities including st. Louis, san Francisco, Philadelphia, Rhode island, Baltimore, Albany, Washington dc, Indianapolis, Boston and Chicago.

In mid 1960, there was a competition on designing AIA Washington Headquarters where Mitchell won. However, Mitchell’s design was not approved by the united states of Fine Arts. The building was later redesigned by The Architects Collaborative and by 1973, the building was fully complete. In 2007, it was renamed to American Center of Architecture and hosted the American Institute of Architects Students, Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture and National Architecture Accrediting Board. Follow: for more updates.

American Institute of Architects has more than 90,000 architects and other professionals associated with architecture. Each member abide to ethical and professional standards while offering services to the clients. This ensures that they maintain the trust from the customers. The AIA has five membership levels each with varying roles. They are; Architect membership, Associate membership, International associate members, Emeritus members and Allied members.

AIA architects engage in numerous projects that are related to architecture. They help in national decision making on matters of their profession. They also educate the public on the importance of implementing good designs on their structures. The institution has garnered numerous awards such as Architecture Firm Award, Institute Honor Awards, Associates Award and many more due to their outstanding performance.

The current CEO of American Institute of a=Architects is Robert Ivy. He has held the position since 2011. Robert has a Masters in Architecture from the Tulane University. He also has a Bachelors of Arts in English from Sewanee, The University of the South. In his career, he has worked with various institutions such as Mc-Graw Hill Construction. His achievements have earned him several awards among them the Crain Award, Mc-Graw award for Management Excellence. Robert Ivy has continued exploiting his leadership skills in this institution hence its high recognition in the world.


Talk Fusion Unique and Innovative Video Marketing Solutions and Services

Making your mark in the competitive world today is not easy, and just about every enterprise has to try much harder than ever before to be visible in the target market. The consumers are aware of the massive competition in just about every niche, and it gives the consumers the power to choose from the various options available. It makes it even more competitive for the companies to dominate their particular niche, but by keeping the quality of the products high and supporting it with prompt customer service, it is probably possible. One of the factors that enterprises should focus on while trying to rule the market is implementing innovative marketing strategies.


Talk Fusion is a company that offers all in one video marketing solutions to enterprises of all sizes and has a presence in over 140 countries. The video marketing products offered by Talk Fusion has helped many companies to achieve domination in their particular niche and attract more customers. People are looking to trust the company that comes across as dedicated and determined to provide value for money to the customers, and the video marketing solutions show that passion in a reflective manner. It helps in persuading the customers and makes a positive impression, which assist with defeating the competition.


Talk Fusion was founded in the year 2007 by the visionary business leader, Bob Reina, who currently heads the company as its CEO. He is not only the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, but also known well in the country as a philanthropist, speaker, and an author. Bob Reina has been a contributor with Huffington Post for a long time and recently published two articles for the rebranded HuffPost. Bob Reina has extensive experience as a businessman, entrepreneur, marketing expert, video marketing guru, and more. Bob Reina says that his articles resonate with the requirements of the modern readers, who are not only looking for motivation and experiences to learn from, but also an inspiration to get started. Learn more:


Talk Fusion is a company that believes in giving back to the society, and Bob Reina personally sees to it that the company has elaborate corporate social responsibility programs in place to ensure that company and its employees contribute to the society. Talk Fusion is also the member of the Direct Selling Association and distributes its products and services through its vast network of associates and affiliates present in more than 140 countries. Bob Reina says that this system helps the associates to showcase the products to the prospects in a very personalized manner, and gives the affiliates to achieve financial dependence at the same time. Bob Reina believes that network marketing of Talk Fusion products has helped in strengthening the fundamental position of the company in such competitive market.


The American Institute of Architects and Pure Commitment

The American Institute of Architects is a well-known professional group that hails from Washington, D.C. in the United States. It has been in operation since 1857. That’s precisely when a team of professional architects took the time to put it together. The architects who made up this ambitious group included shining stars such as Jacob Wrey Mould, Henry W. Cleaveland, Joseph C. Wells and Fred A. Peterson. There were nine other people who were part of the team at the time, too. The American Institute of Architects is a renowned group that boasts a large membership base. Its membership includes over 90,000 architects who have licenses. This number includes many associated professionals as well. The different levels that make up the American Institute of Architects are emeritus, architect, allied, international associate and, finally, associate. Some of the group’s diverse areas of expertise are community redevelopment, government advocacy, public outreach and education. It works to help the professionals who are part of the architectural field. It works to give the architectural field a strong reputation, too. Read more about on AIA at

Standards mean a lot to the many members of the American Institute of Architects. They follow an array of diverse standards that make the organization reputable, honest and credible to all. The members of the group know a lot about credit attribution, antitrust compliance, ethics codes, bylaws and designation. This organization puts a lot of attention onto all subjects that pertain to standards. It, at the same time, also makes values a major focus. Some of the varied values that are important to the team at the American Institute of Architects include human rights, equity, first-class architecture, community defense, future sustainability, climate change protection, future investments, economic opportunity advancement and more. The people in this group believe in doing positive things for the entire planet and environment. They believe in learning all about how climate change works and how it may change society for existing and upcoming generations. This is an organization that never promotes the concept of sitting around and waiting for other individuals. It’s an organization, on the other hand, that’s all about putting in effort and care.

Robert A. Ivy is a big person at the American Institute of Architects. He’s the group’s notable Chief Executive Officer and Executive Vice President. He wrote a biography in the past that was called “Fay Jones: Architect.” He does a lot of talking, too. He regularly takes part in conferences that delve in the world of architecture and how it enhances lifestyles for everyone. Abigail Warnecke Gorman is an individual who has a lot of familiarity with Ivy. That’s because she works with him all of the time as the organization’s trusted Chief of Staff.

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Ronald Fowlkes Brings Attention to Law Enforcement Needs

Being in the law enforcement community gave Ronald Fowlkes the insight he needed to be supportive of the community. He had always wanted to help people and had always planned to make things easier for them, but it took many years to figure out what he could do to actually help them. In fact, it took Ronald Fowlkes trying to figure out how to be an effective leader so he would have the chance to try out different products and give back to the community that he had worked in for so many years. Ronald Fowlkes knew there were ways that he could try different things and also knew he would need to make the most out of the issues that were at hand if he was going to provide people with the things that would be able to help them. It was what led him to making sure he could actually be a beneficial part of the community.


Even when Ronald Fowlkes was looking at different opportunities, he realized there were ways that he would need to give back to them. In fact, he realized it would be an important part of the way the community worked if he could provide them with additional support. While departments did what they can, there were always budgets they had to be careful with. Many law enforcement professionals were forced to provide their own materials beyond the basics they received just for being police officers.


For Ronald Fowlkes, this meant he had to try different things and had to work on getting different products out to the people who were in the industry. In addition, Ronald Fowlkes was going to give everyone the products they needed to be successful. He tried to show them they could make things easier on themselves and they could experience all the positive benefits that came from the industry. As long as Ronald Fowlkes was doing his best to make everything better for law enforcement, he felt he was doing a good job and was offering people what they could get from their business.


The Eagle Products company continued to grow and Ronald Fowlkes started offering different opportunities to people who were working in the industry. Ronald Fowlkes has always wanted to make sure he can support them and his company is exactly what he needs to give that support to people who are looking forward to long-lasting law enforcement careers. Thanks to Ronald Fowlkes, there have been so many changes and so many opportunities for people to try their own jobs and make things easier on themselves. It has allowed Ronald Fowlkes the chance to experience more on his own than he ever did while working in the law enforcement community.


Stream Energy Awarded 2016 Most Innovative Marketer of the Year

Like a flick of the switch Stream Energy has captured the 2016 Most Innovative Marketer of the Year award presented by the Energy Marketing Conference. Hansen Technologies provided the sponsorship for the award which included Brilliant Energy, Green Mountain Energy, Just Energy and RRH Energy as nominees. Stream Energy is a company that developed new ways to present connected life services to consumers and has experienced an explosion in growth which also earned the company a nomination for the 2016 Retail Energy Provider of the Year award. 2005 introduced Stream Energy as a connected life service provider offering energy, wireless, protective and home services primarily marketed by word of mouth. The conference is held on a semi-annual basis to provide education, exhibitions, and networking opportunities for industry professionals. Visit Public Utility Commission of Texas website to know more about Stream Energy.

New Streams of Creativity

Jack Doueck the co-founder of the Energy Marketing Conference expressed congratulations to Stream Energy and was impressed by the new ways they appealed to the consumer. A direct sale company where current customers promote the services and bundled services which allow customers to harness the power of one provider to handle their energy service, wireless service, protective service and home service while streamlining payments, customer service requests, and cost. Service bundles allow customers to stay in contact with their lives despite hectic schedules and travels. View Stream Energy at

Leading the Charge

Since Stream Energy entered the connected life services sector in 2005 they have created an 8 billion dollar, debt-free company. Stream Energy’s focus on life connected services carved them a niche market that consumers leading fast-paced lives desperately needed. The rapid growth of the company speaks volumes accompanied with rave reviews by current customers. Energy services are currently available in Texas, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, Washington, D.C., and New York. Wireless services, protective services, and home services are accessible nationwide.


Companies Success Working with NewsWatch TV Reviews

NewsWatch is a TV channel that helps companies both small and big to reach a bigger audience at an affordable effective cost. Despite the company offering services at a small cost, the quality of services that it offers are not mediocre. They offer services that match up to the big companies in the country. NewsWatch TV is channel in the United States that may seem small compared to others but enjoys a huge viewership than many big channels. NewsWatch promotes some of the popular companies that produce innovative products. While doing this, the channel offers an opportunity to these companies to spend less as their get a chance to reach a huge audience.

NewsWatch TV has a national coverage and is meant to reach all the consumers of various products all over the country. NewsWatch was started in 1990 and has since then been able to air over one thousand original episodes of product promotions. Over this period, they have been able to feature over ten thousand individual product stories. The opportunity that this TV channel offers to companies a chance to compete with multinational companies that have big promotion budgets. This has created a level playing ground for all the people in the country.

NewsWatch TV reviews  is a show that has won prestigious awards in the television and video fields. Some of the awards that it has won include the Gold and Platinum Marcom Awards. This is the highest award there is to be won in the television sector. The TV show has won other awards such as the Silver Telly Award. This is an award that is given to the TV show that has the best production content and reviews. NewsWatch has impacted the industry in a huge way. A way that not many people had anticipated. It has offered a chance to all companies to reach a national audience.

Malcolm CasSelle Brings Bitcoin Ideas to Video Gamers

Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) is a
platform that connects over 400 million Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) gamers
to an innovative trading platform powered by blockchain technology. This blockchain
technology, also used in the trade of Bitcoin, tokenizes in-game item purchases creating a new marketplace for virtual game assets like
skins, weapons, furnishings, and other game enhancements.

Using an economic feedback loop, WAX’s
multi-layered governance approach creates regulatory oversight by token
holders. The virtual asset exchange process uses Transfer Agents to transfer
items, and are supervised by committees called Guilds, rating systems, and algorithms
to authenticate items and monitor ownership. In its first sale, the company
acquired over $80 million from many first-time cryptocurrency users. The
initial sale commenced November 2017 and attracted over 36,000 registrants
around the world.

The brainchild of Malcolm CasSelle,
an active early stage investor in Facebook, Zynga, Xfire, MediaPass and other
technology companies, WAX is slated to bring the Bitcoin revolution to the
large niche market of online video gamers. CasSelle has a long relationship
with the digital and technology fields. Educated at MIT (BS Computer Science)
and Stanford University (MS Computer Science), he’s raised billions of dollars
for tech startups. Currently, he serves as CIO of OPSkins, the world’s leading
virtual goods marketplace, and President of WAX. He also has a deep
relationship with digital media after leading MediaPass a digital subscription service
for large media companies. He also served as CEO at Timeline Labs, now SeaChange
Int’l, a service that allows businesses to discover, display, and measure
content engagement using social signaling.

His goal with WAX is to decentralize
the fragmented virtual item trading industry that currently spans across
hundreds of competing marketplaces. He sees WAX as the onramp for mass-market cryptocurrency adoption. Through
decentralization, the platform is designed to solve the pain points of digital
item traders by mitigating high payment processor fees, currency conversion
fees, and opening up access to inventory, in addition to opening up new market

Richard Blair and the Success of Wealth Solutions

According to Richard Blair of wealth solutions, having a mother and grandmother who were teachers played a huge in his decision to become a financial adviser. He realized that teaching increases one’s knowledge while building their confidence and he used this family background to decide to offer financial advice and services to small business, individuals, and families. He attended the Houston University where he got a bachelor’s degree in Finance and Financial Management Services.


Richard Blair also loved finance and upon completion of his studies he set up Wealth Solutions in 1994 to serve the residents of Austin, Texas. His company offers its clients to manage, protect and grow their assets as it is an investment advisory firm and conducts its activities as a Registered Investment Advisory firm. Richard Blair works to arm the Austin, Texas community by offering them retirement planning and wealth management services as he believes that a solid plan is what everybody needs in order for them to be able to pursue their financial goals. Wealth solutions discover quickly the financial situation of its client as well as their retirement needs by following a comprehensive three-pillar approach that is uniquely customized for each client.


The three pillar approach that Richard Blair implements are developing a long-term strategy that is specifically tailored to a client’s investment goals and liquidity needs and to ensure maximum performance for a client’s portfolio, Richard Blair manages and allocates assets of clients while shielding their investments from negative financial periods. Wealth Solutions also identifies the goals, risks, strength, tolerance and growth opportunities for its clients and specifically design strategies in their financial management roadmap. According to Blair, it is easy to forge a financial plan for a client once you understand where they are coming from. After compounding all these facts, Richard Blair now sets to satisfy their insurance needs that include life insurance, long-term care, and annuities as well. Wealth Solutions and its founder continue to offer advice that is objective and unbiased to its clients at the same time ensuring that there is no conflict of interest.


Richard Blair has over 20 years in the financial services industry with the experience to match. He is a Certified Estate and Trust Specialist, Certified Income Specialist, Certified Fund Specialist, Certified Annuity Specialist, Retirement Income Certified Professional and a Certified Tax Specialist making him an extremely qualified financial expert.


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